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PLI / RPLI CSV FILE Generator Tool


1. Double click on the icon 'CSV GEN' to start the Tool. This always should be opened as administrator. (Right click on the short cut to go properities, select compatability and tick the option 'Run this program as administrator.
2. The Application screen opens as shown below.

3. First we need to upload the Master Data for time to enable the tool to calculate the Service Tax.
4. Other Vizag Region all AP circle data both PLI & RPLI as already been migrated to this package. Hence except Vizag Region others no need to follow the step 5.
5. Browse & upload the Master File in the following csv format, where the fields are policy_no, name, acceptance date, premium amount, pao code, pay mode (C-cash, P- pay). This file should be uploaded one time only. No need to upload this every month.

6. Browse & upload the csv file for which Mc Camish prescribed csv file to be generated in the following format, where the fields stands for Policy_no,Sch Month, from date, to date. The dates should be in format Mon-yy only.

7. The following messages will be shown on successful uploading of data.

8. Now Press 'Generate CSV' Button to get the 28 column csv file. Folder choose dialog box will appear for saving the output file location. The default name of the out file will be 'sample.csv' . Choose the required location and press OK button.

9. File will be saved in the given location as 'sample.csv'. Along with this file another file will
also be generated and saved at the same location with name 'nomaster.csv' which contains the list of policy numbers for which no master data found in the tool.

10. For such policies, Master Data needs to be uploaded as explained in Step 4 & 5 and then
repeat the whole process.

11. After generation of the final 28 column csv file, column Q - Total amount (including Tax) should be tallied with the actual amount paid by the insurant. The column B should be same as the pao code / special group code for which the sch. is being uploaded.

Developed & Shared by AP Postal Circle, Hyderabad


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