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Rural Postal Life Insurance

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E-Postal Life Insurance brochure - Download

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Issue of Duplicate PLI Premium Receipt Book (PRB)

An insured person who adopts the mode of paying premium in cash as a regular measure will be supplied by the Department with a premium receipt book in which entries relating to payment of each premium shall be made. The Postmaster receiving the monthly premiums will grant a receipt for the amount in this book. When the Book is filled up and has no further space for entries, it should be forwarded to the Postmaster/ Manager of Central Processing Centre (GPO/Head Post Office) who after verifying the entries will arrange to issue a new Book in which it will be noted, under his signature, the month up to which premia have been paid.

In the event of a premium receipt book being lost, the insured person should apply, through the nearest Post Office (Head or Sub or Branch), to the Postmaster/ Manager of the Central Processing Centre (GPO/Head Office) for a duplicate premium receipt book stating in his application the circumstances under which the original book was lost along with the prescr…

Postal Life Insurance- डाक जीवन बीमा

Postal Life Insurance (PLI) was introduced on 1st February 1884 with the express approval of the Secretary of State (for India) to Her Majesty, the Queen Empress of India. It was essentially a scheme of State Insurance mooted by the then Director General of Post Offices, Mr. F.R. Hogg in 1881 as a welfare scheme for the benefit of Postal employees and later extended to the employees of Telegraph department in 1888. In 1894, PLI extended insurance cover to female employees of P & T Department at a time when no other insurance company covered female lives. It is the oldest Life insurer in this country.
In the beginning, the upper limit of life insurance was only Rs 4000/- which has now increased to Rs 50 lacs (Rupees Fifty Lacs) and it will be effective as and when notified through a Gazette notification for all schemes combined - Endowment Assurance and Whole Life Assurance. Over the years, PLI has grown substantially from a few hundred policies in 1884 to more than 6.4 million p…

PLI/RPLI maturity/loan calculator (latest)

Click Here to download the excel tool to calculate the PLI/RPLI maturity.
Click Here to download the excel tool to calculate the loan repayment.
Click Here to view the screen shot of the settings to be made to enable the tools.

Training Material and FAQ on PLI - McCamish

PLI Training Documents The above listed materials are available in PLI Training documents to know about McCamish Operation and Simulations. Download.

PLI / RPLI CSV FILE Generator Tool

USER MANUAL for PLI / RPLI CSV FILE Generator Tool 1. Double click on the icon 'CSV GEN' to start the Tool. This always should be opened as administrator. (Right click on the short cut to go properities, select compatability and tick the option 'Run this program as administrator. 2. The Application screen opens as shown below.

3. First we need to upload the Master Data for time to enable the tool to calculate the Service Tax. 4. Other Vizag Region all AP circle data both PLI & RPLI as already been migrated to this package. Hence except Vizag Region others no need to follow the step 5. 5. Browse & upload the Master File in the following csv format, where the fields are policy_no, name, acceptance date, premium amount, pao code, pay mode (C-cash, P- pay). This file should be uploaded one time only. No need to upload this every month.
6. Browse & upload the csv file for which Mc Camish prescribed csv file to be generated in the following format, where the fields …

Regarding processing and acceptance / rejection of new PLI and RPLI proposals procured in the month of March, 2016


FAQ on Postal Life Insurance

Common FAQ's What is PLI? A contract entered into by the Government to pay a given sum of money on the death of an individual to his nominee or himself, if he survives that period. When did PLI start? PLI as a scheme is available since 01.02.1884. What is the difference between PLI and other Insurance? PLI is only for Government and Semi-Government employees. Moreover PLI is the only Insurer that offers low premium and high bonus. Is PLI guaranteed? If so, by whom? PLI is guaranteed by Government of India. Is there any limit to the number of policies one can take for children? One can take policies for two children. When did PLI start? PLI as a scheme is available since 01.02.1884. What is the necessity of sending the PLI Policy Bond to office address of the Insurant? Why can this not be sent to the residence of Policy holder? PLI policy is issued to people who are employed under Government/Semi-Government sector etc. That is why the policy bond is sent to the Office address of t…

Copy of Gazette Notification of PLI Bonus for the year 2011-2012

PLI Bonus for 2011-2012 Ministry of Communication and Information technology has released the directorate Order for Postal Life insurance Notification : PLI Bonus for the Year of 2011-2012

PLI RPLI Service Tax Calculator for McCamish by PoTools

Service Tax Calculator for McCamish (CPC) The following attached tool automatically calculated service tax of the given period as per implementation of service tax since 01.01.2015. Service Tax table is shown below for your reference.
Features: Auto calculate for given period.Round features available.Calculate Service Tax for both Initial and Renewal Premium. Download attached Tool:Download

Digitization of PLI Legacy data and its Operating Procedure

PLI Legacy Document Digitization for ECMS and Operating Procedure As per directorate instruction, PLI Legacy data digitization should be completed on or before 15.02.2016. The Copy of directorate letter in this regard is attached below. No. 29-37/2012-LI dated 24.02.2016 Download Operating procedure for Scanning Legacy Document for ECMS.

Download Scanning Software - Scan to PDF

Non-settlement of claims of PLI & RPLI policies migrated in CIS manually

Non-settlement of claims of PLI & RPLI policies migrated in CIS manually and process for dealing with policies in CIS where claims settled manually - reg

Clarification in respect of paid-up value - Rule 57 (2)(b) of POLI Rules-2011

Gazette Notification Regarding Whole Life Insurance on PLI

PLI Gazette Notification on Whole Life Insurance Convertible Whole life Insurance means a life insurance contract entered into by Government to pay a given sum of money with accrued bonus to the insured either on attaining the age of 80years, or on death of the insured to higher legal representatives or assignees whichever occurs earlier, with option to the policy holder to convert the policy, at the end of 5years (with a grace period at end of 6years) from the date of commencement of risk  into an Endowment assurance maturing at a specified age. Click below link to Copy of original Gazette notification View/ Download

PLI Rulings for McCamish

The scanned copy of the following Rulings/instructions received from PLI Directorate is attached  in the below link.
1. PLI Directorate letter No. 29-34/2012-LI ( Vol.II) ( Pt.III) dated 18.3.2016 2. PLI Directorate letter No. 06-09/2009-LI (part) dated 11.3.2016 3. PLI Directorate letter No. 06-03/2008-LI (Part) dated 7/10.3.2016 4. PLI Directorate letter No. 29-34/2012-Li (Pt.6) dated 15.3.2016 5. PLI Directorate letter Noi. 29-34/2012-LI ( Pt-6) dated 15.3.2016 Download all the above directorate letterDownload

Clarification on medical examination in r/o policies above 20 lakhs

Click Here to view the PLI Directorate letter dated 25.02.2015 in c/w medical examination consequent on enhancement of sum assured in r/o PLI.


PLI - Calculation of Incentives, Commission etc., to sales force manually

Option of Age Proof in McCamish with reference to RPLI Proposals

Option of Age Proof in McCamish with reference to RPLI Proposals

Revised CSV uploading tool for use of CPCs (PLI/RPLI)

Revised CSV uploading tool for use of CPCs (PLI/RPLI) Username: apco
Password : apco

PLI Maturity Excel Calculation Sheet (Revised)

Click here to download the excel calculation tool for PLI Maturity/Loan cases.

Introduction of Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5 percent from 1.6.2016

Introduction of Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5 percent from 1st June, 2016 on services coming within the purview of Service Tax